22 Action Words to Embrace

458Why is some writing more compelling? Why do some resumes seem flat and read like a shopping list? Is it a lack of imagination or an antiquated notion of assuming the purpose of a resume/CV is for reporting purposes only? Yes, in the job search, unless you are in a creative field, your written communications need to convey information that pertains to a specific position. However, as a simple differentiator, it’s also important to showcase your skill-set and help this unknown audience think of you as someone who gets things done and brings more to the table. It isn’t necessary to posture from the script of a cartoonish action figure, yet a simple substitution of words may be a good start in making your writing more interesting. Below are 22 of my favorites to punch up your “prose”.

1. Prepare
2. Identify
3. Create
4. Perform
5. Organize
6. Change
7. Focus
8. Master
9. Determine
10. Demonstrate
11. Design
12. Increase
13. Define
14. Interface
15. Structure
16. Apply
17. Examine
18. Pinpoint
19. Select
20. Conduct
21. Build
22. Explore


Journaling…To Write or Not to Write

imagesCA38GE3VWhat happens when we assign a name to an activity that was once not formalized as more than just writing? There is a seriousness, a decisiveness attached to it that is different now. You can find journals for travel, calling out to you with the illusive guarantee of a record to be kept alongside photos, ticket stubs and other mementos of trips taken. Baby books are timelines of another journey, so precious it is impossible not to note milestones on their pages. Fill in the blanks and your diary will come alive, your thoughts preserved for future reflection…or not.

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the myriad of options. After all, an abundance of stores and sites are dedicated to selling beautifully bound journals, pens and more. I should know better by now. I have shelves and drawers filled with them, gifts from friends or purchased by me, begun half-heartedly or abandoned to a newer addition. Each volume beckons with a promise of being the one that will be the keeper of my words, the container of my thoughts, the chosen one…or not.

At its best, journaling has a meditative quality. It is a peaceful activity, a grounding experience, an internal process that stops time for the moment. It is a good habit and once engaged, provides a platform for expression that is very personal. Likewise, there is no end to the self judgments that abound when not doing it in the proscribed form.

What are some other ways to get going when you are not inspired?
• Set a timer for 5 minutes and just write, sans punctuation, only stream of consciousness
• Select a single thought, object or memory and write-dig deep and just write
• Go backwards. Start with the end of your day and complete with the beginning.

If the “written” word is not the best way for you to express yourself:
• Speak or sing your thoughts into a recording device
• Draw, collage or use color in ways to convey your inner feelings
• Use music/instruments as a medium

Access your creativity in ways that support you best and perhaps intersperse one method with another. After all, it is about YOU finding YOUR voice and the best way for YOU to express yourself is changeable!

©2015 Maureen Weisner