Career Search: Other Places to Look

6a0105360968fe970b01347fdd88a8970c-500piCareer transitions do have an upside that is often obscured by the anxiety accompanying a proposed change even when you are the driving force behind it. Shifting your perspective can lead to a more creative approach and in the process deepen your learning about what pleases you, what you are good at and what might be another way to broaden your focus. Take some time to answer the questions below. This really is about YOU! 

1. What problems make you want to discover a better way of doing something?

2. What topics are you drawn to find out more about?

3. What are your favorite books and/or movies?

4. What subjects are represented by the books on your bookshelves?

5. What did you always want to be when you grew up?

6. What subjects fascinated you as a child?

7. What life experiences or life-changing events make you want to share what you’ve learned with others?

8. What process or set of steps do you do regardless of the topic or task at hand?

9. What tools, equipment, or raw material do you like to use in your work?

10.What characteristics describe your favorite clients or customers? (Age, gender, belief system, cultural/ethnic background, life stage, education level, income level, problem or life situations, shared interest, lifestyle, particular talent, etc.)
© 2015 Maureen Weisner

Walking on Thin Ice

imagesCAUSJL0WMincing steps in flat shoes or boots make for painfully slow progress through the seemingly endless New England winters and this year has been exceptionally long. Ugly footwear is an abomination. Practical, sensible, and waterproof…yech.

David the fabulous shoe repair man has once again added special soles and rubber heels to my gorgeous red sandals in preparation for the sun and as a respite from the slush. It was a very close call the last time I avoided a swan dive to the cement. David is sensible. I am less so. He thinks about safety. I lament the fact that I am forced to forego beauty for practicality.

What’s the big deal? Accept the fact that winter is something to get through, or is it? Another transition? Why the annual tug-of-war, knowing full well that the choice is dry feet in ugly shoes or wet and salt-damaged shoes that will need full-scale rehabilitation post-season?

Lest you think I am scampering about in full summer attire, think otherwise. I am not that foolhardy. No, this struggle is strictly a shoe thing, an ongoing battle with the elements and the limitations it places on my choices.

By next year I will have a plan in place that does not require relocating to warmer climes, although that sounds very appealing. It may require a larger purse or even a support group of others weary of winter. Come to think of it, a new purse could be just the ticket out of “Shoe Affective Disorder.”

© 2015 Maureen Weisner

Get Motivated…Start Packing

strong-mover-201x300Most recently my daughter was in the midst of relocating and coming to terms with the boxes of clothes she had accumulated over the years. This was also a unique opportunity for me to provide a second opinion on a day that I assumed would be fraught with indecision and perhaps a few tears. However, as my daughter rifled through drawers in the bedroom she had used as a storage depot, she was clearly on a mission to release the past. Camp t-shirts, well worn jeans, special occasion dresses, and memories quickly piled up, inextricably linked together. I found myself racing down memory lane and the teen years that were not so long ago as I watched from the sidelines. She was ruthless in her judgments and soon five trash bags were filled with her selections. Once assured that this eclectic wardrobe was destined for an organization that distributed donations to their clients and not sold as bulk for cash, she could relax and revel in her accomplishment. Her history was going out the door, or in our case, at least as far as the basement… with visitation rights.

Downsizing can mean many things; a loss for some and freedom for others. Moving, in and of itself takes energy, effort and a plan. What are you leaving behind and conversely, what are you bringing along to the next space? Was it a purposeful decision or was it thrust upon you? Are the circumstances about building a future or winding down another chapter? Is there joy in your movements or grief as you pack? Whatever the situation, notice your feelings and take the time to honor them. Be kind to yourself in the process and know that you can be your own champion of chang

• Take photos of things you are donating, selling, or leaving behind that have a strong connection for you
• Creating a visual record can make the transition easier
• As you say goodbye to the old you are also able to embrace the new with open arms and a heightened sense of possibility

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