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“Transitions are challenging and test our inner strength. Working with Maureen and Anne helped me to take a deep breath and when I finally exhaled, I realized that I needed to focus on something that made me happy…work empowering other women.”

LR - Ypsilanti, Michigan

“My work with KICKSTART has had an immediate impact with positive, concrete results. I’ve experienced a complete about face, generating more recognition and interest in my work than I had accomplished in many years on my own. They are an invaluable resource and very client focused.”

P.R. – Boston, MA

If you are…

Going in circles and considering a new direction, you need
Kickstart Your Transition

If you are…

Successful and at the same time feel unfulfilled, you need
Kickstart Your Transition

If you are…

Yearning to make a change but stuck in neutral, you need
Kickstart Your Transition

Uncertain? Where do I begin? Start Here and let us lead you to the next step.

For individuals in, or approaching transition, KICKSTART Your Transition is the boutique career consulting firm that delivers results for clients because only KICKSTART Your Transition does it strategically, innovatively, and successfully. Our client centered approach assesses individual needs to best design and guide the implementation of a personally tailored blueprint for action.

We are dedicated to delivering quality services to our clients with integrity and professional respect. As a team, we focus on innovative practices to support the successful accomplishment of our client’s career goals. We leverage a combined 25 years of career coaching and counseling expertise along with our own transition experiences to drive results for clients swiftly and effectively.

Anne & Maureen